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Sand Masters

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The unconventional artists of Sand Masters travel the world and turn ordinary sand into massive, mind-blowing masterpieces.
Rusty and his crew of award-winning sand sculptors, including Kirk, Sue, Chris, Morgan, Andy and Matt, cross the country, circle the globe and immerse themselves in local cultures before digging in to build colossal and fragile works of sand that defy expectations and gravity.
From speedboat racing in Florida to fire walking in Fiji, our team finds inspiration for their extreme art in surprising situations. Whether it’s Key West’s flamboyant Fantasy Fest, a monster truck rally in Las Vegas, a beer festival at the foot of a Hawaiian volcano or a party near the pits of the Daytona 500, the sculptors are constantly challenged by demanding and eccentric clients in need of an eye-popping piece of work.
They push the limits of sand while battling unpredictable weather and creative differences before the final amazing reveal.


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